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ProvibTech (USA)

ProvibTech is a rapidly growing US company, headquartered in Houston (TX.), with offices and distributors in Europe and Asia, as the office in Europe, positioned in Germany is responsible for all sells and service operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The main activities of the company are production, delivery, installation, start-up and commissioning and after-sales support of protection and vibration condition monitoring systems of high rotating critical equipment and balance of plant machines. They provide complete technical solutions for industries such as Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Chemical, Mining, Iron and Steel, Cement, Marine and Offshore and others.

Their clients are leading industrial companies worldwide, such as:

  • AB
  • American Electric Power
  • Air Liquide
  • Alstom Power
  • Atlas Copco
  • Bhusan Steel
  • Burkhard Compression
  • Dresser Rand
  • GE Energy
  • KSB
  • Linde Engineering
  • Linde Gas
  • MAN Turbomachinery
  • Neuman & Esser
  • PetroChina
  • Phelps Dodge Minig
  • RENK
  • Ruhrpupmpen
  • Siemens Power Generation
  • Siemens Compressors/Energy
  • Shell
  • Sulzer Pumps
  • TMG Kanis
  • Voith Hydro
  • Many others

The product range they offer to their customers include:

Machine Condition Monitoring Software – (An alternative to Bently Nevada – System 1)

ProvibTech’s PCM360 is a that collects, stores, analyzes and is capable of transmitting machine status monitoring information over local or wide area network. The PCM360 provides static, dynamic and transient data collection and analysis; such as graphical indication of vibration level, trend, orbit plot, waveform, spectrum, bode plots, cascade plots and much more.

PCM360 obtains both critical machinery Cheap Shoes for Women running status and balance of plant running status. Additionally, the PCM360 collects process data as 4-20mA input or digital monitor input via Modbus, etc. The PCM360 provides an integrated system solution for asset management resulting in a total solution for machine maintenance and protection.

Machine Protection System – PT2060 (An alternative to Bently Nevada 3500 Rack Protection System)

The PT2060 is a state-of-the-art rack based continuous monitoring system that is ideal for virtually all critical machinery protection applications. It offers both superior configuration flexibility and maximum reliability. Capable of supporting up to 48 channels per rack, the PT2060 provides the industry’s highest channel density in a standard 19″ rack. It uses standard “ladder logic” to make configuration easy. With full API 670 compliance and triple channel redundancy, double redundancy for relays, power supplies, analog outputs and communications, it provides a level of reliability that is unsurpassed, even by systems costing much more!

Digital Transmitter Monitors

The DTM Series digital transmitter monitor is h, all rolled into one package. DTM is a simple cost-effective solution for monitoring of balance-of-plant and critical equipment. Each DTM module can operate independently or it can be networked together with other DTM modules to create a complete machine protection system. It has all the functionality of an API-670 multi-channel monitor plus an unique field linearization feature. This feature enables the DTM module to operate with different case mounted sensors, accelerometers and velocity transducers, as well as proximity probes from different manufacturers (Bently Nevada Series 3000, 3300, 3300 XL, 7200 and 3309 compatible).


TR series that integrates the signal conditioning, processing and outputting circuitry into one integral unit. It can directly replace the probe driver and connect to the proximity probe and extension cable, converting the signal to a 4-20 mA output. Buffered dynamic output is available for additional analysis. TR Series Transmitter is used to monitor: Parajumpers Denali Jacket Dam Radial Shaft Vibration, Case Vibration, Axial Thrust Position, Rotation Speed, Phase Reference. It can operate with sensors from different manufacturers (Bently Nevada Series 3000, 3300, 3300 XL, 7200 and 3309 compatible). In order to meet all customer requirements in field wiring we offer our TR Series transmitters in two different versions – 3 and 2 wire versions.

PVT60 – Transmitter Monitor – NEW

PVT60 is a multifunctional multichannel vibration transmitter – monitor and is ideal for monitoring machine vibration using a variety of proximity probes and vibrations. It can communicate with PLC/DCS via Modbus TCP/IP interface. PVT 60 contains power supply and is capable to measure machine protection parameters, such as: Radial Shaft Vibration, Axial Thrust Position, Rotation Speed, Phase Reference, Eccentricity and Differential Expansion. PVT60 is fully configurable via software and can work with proximity probes, accelerometers, velocity sensors and other sensors from different manufacturers. PVT60 is equipped with dynamic outputs, relay outputs and 4-20 mA signal outputs. It is suitable for monitoring of critical, essential and non-critical machines.

Sensors – TM Series

TM Series sensors are used for a wide variety of applications. Suitable for continuous monitoring systems protection of critical machinery as well as machine contrition monitoring analysis used for diagnosing matching faults. TM Series proximity probes are available in 5, 8, 11, and 25 mm configurations, complete with extension cables and probe drives or transmitters. They measure all required parameters for machine protection, such as: Radial Shaft Vibration, Axial Thrust Position, Rotation Speed, Phase Reference, Eccentricity, Differential Expansion, Shaft Absolute and Relative Elongation.

TM Series proximity probes are interchangeable with probes used for most major brands of monitoring systems and their high reliability insures a long life cycle (Bently Nevada Series 3000, 3300, 3300 XL and 7200 interchangeable).
Additional to TM proximity probes, we provide accelerometers and velocity sensors for measuring the Machine Case Vibrations and LVDT Transducers for measuring the Machine Case Expansion and Valve Position Monitoring.

Vibration Switches

To complete our product portfolio, we offer mechanical, electronic and digital electronic vibration switches with its own unique design, suitable for hazardous areas and providing an economical solution for vibration monitoring of a wide variety of rotating and reciprocating equipment.

All the products they distribute on the market cover the following certificates: ISO 9001, CE, ATEX, CSA, TR CU (Ex-GOST), IECEx, RTN for Russia, Pattern Approval for Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Brasil – Inmetro etc.