ProvibTech TR3102 Transmitter for Vibration Analysis

ProvibTech TR3102 Transmitter for Vibration Analysis

ProvibTech TR3102 Transmitter…For all your Vibration Analysis needs!

The ProvibTech TR3102 transmitter used for Vibration Analysis is a cost-effective solution for monitoring the axial position or phase reference on balance of plant machines. The TR3102 combines the proximity probe driver and the signal conditioning circuit into one package. It works with the proximity probe and extension cable as a system.

Condition Monitoring

The ProvibTech TR3102 transmitter measures rotor thrust position.

Machine Type

All kinds of rotation machines with sleeve bearing. Such as blower, compressor, Golden Goose Sale UK pump, gearbox, and power generators etc.


  • 4-20mA.
  • Buffered Output, interface with portable/on-line data collector.
  • System powered by DCS/PLC or TM900.

Features of the ProvibTech TR3102 Transmitter

  • Does not require proximity probe driver
  • Buffered output/GAP will transmit 300 meters (1,000 feet)
  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ proximity probes (5mm, 8mm and 11mm)
  • Aluminum cast case (copper free) with epoxy potting for better environmental protection and reliability
  • Same size as a proximity probe driver