ProvibTech DTM20 Transmitter for Vibration Analysis

ProvibTech DTM20 Transmitter for Vibration Analysis

ProvibTech DTM20 Transmitter…For all your Vibration Analysis needs!


The ProvibTech DTM20 transmitter used for Vibration Analysis provides a simple and cost-effective solution for monitoring “balance-of-plant” equipment. The DTM’s smart design is extremely reliable with redundancy in power supply inputs, 4-20mA outputs and relay outputs, as well as, a Modbus communication port. The DTM20 monitor can interface with Parajumpers Right Hand Herr almost any vibration sensor (accelerometer or velocity transducer). The DTM is fully digital and may be configured in the field or come pre-configured from the factory.

The ProvibTech DTM20 distributed vibration transmitter-monitor provides a simple and cost-effective solution for monitoring balance-of-plant equipment. The DTM improves reliability by having redundant power supplies and redundant 4-20mA transmission. The smart DTM monitor can interface with almost any vibration sensor. The DTM is field configurable.

Features of the ProvibTech DTM20 Transmitter

Designed with reliability

  • Redundant power supplies
  • Redundant 4-20mA outputs
  • Dual dry-contact relay outputs
  • Trip multiply and Bypass

Galvanic isolation for solid signal processing

  • Power input isolation
  • Sensor signal conditioning isolation
  • Transmission 4-20mA output isolation
  • Relay output isolation

Band-pass filter to further isolate unwanted noise

  • Programmable sharp 8th-pole low-pass filter further eliminate high frequency band noise, thus obtains reliable vibration signal.

Fully field programmable by CFG software

  • DTM20-CFG can easily change any configuration of the monitor
  • Calibration of the system is available with CFG software

Condition Monitoring by digital link

  • Static (trend, overall, alarms, GAP, system OK)
  • Dynamic (waveform, spectrum, phase reference, waterfall)
  • Data will be directly transferred into server with no needs of additional interface hardware

MODBUS digital communication

  • Build-in Modbus RTU digital communication
  • More information from Modbus line

Work with variety of vibration sensors

  • Accelerometer
  • Velocity sensor
  • Low frequency sensor
  • Electro-magnetic velocity sensor

Backward compatible with TM101

  • Field adjustment with on-monitor push button (without software)
  • ZERO calibration Alert set point Danger set point