Adash A4900 Vibrio III for Vibration Monitoring

Adash A4900 Vibrio III for Vibration Monitoring

Adash A4900 Vibrio III…For all your Vibration Monitoring needs!


The Adash A4900 Vibrio III instrument allows you to perform all basic vibro-diagnostics measurements such as bearing condition, lubrication assessment and identification of mechanical faults. Many measurement techniques are processed automatically.

The A4900 Vibrio III has a unique expert system developed by Adash, that automatically detects machinery faults.

The A4900 Vibrio III is supplied as a complete system including quality piezoelectric sensor, magnet and coiled cable for industrial use.

The A4900 – Vibrio III enables you to perform reliable and repeatable measurements, that makes a big difference compared to simple “measuring probes and vibration pens” applying hand pressure measurement.

The A4900 – Vibrio III is designed specifically for field Burberry Cashmere Scarf Sale maintenance persons for their service and inspection. A4900 – Vibrio III will become the standard equipment for maintenance engineers, who need a tool for checking rotating machinery.

Features of the Adash A4900 Vibrio III

  • Checks, whether your machine works under optimum conditions
  • Determines the condition of your bearings, including slow-running ones
  • Finds insufficiently lubricated bearings
  • Determines unbalance, looseness, misalignment, operating in resonance of your machines
  • Checks machine by stroboscope LED-lamp
  • Metric and English units