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Condition Monitoring Equipment – Portable Vibration Meters

Provibtech cater for a wide range of condition monitoring equipment.  Find below a list of their CM products, the PCM-360 Condition Management System being their latest item to hit the shelves:

PCM360-M Software

  • PCM-360 Condition Management System
  • PCM-360M Plant Condition Management…learn more by clicking here
  • PCM360DW Condition Management
  • PCM370 Plant Condition Management
  • PT908A Vibration Meter

Benefits of Condition Monitoring

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  •  Increased machine availability and production capacity  Reduced spare part inventory
  •  Reduced secondary damages
  •  Reduced consumption of energy

Benefits of the PCM-360M

  • Mobile Plant Condition Management System
  •  Support continuous vibration signal from transducers and buffered outputs
  •  Up to 12,800 lines of spectrum resolution
  •  Up to 32 plants and 3200 measurement points could be monitored
  •  Build on Microsoft SQL Server database
  •  Multiple trigger modes: alarm, band, time, speed and manually trigger
  •  Multiple real-time plots: waveform, orbit, spectrum, full spectrum, shaft XY, Bode etc.