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North Protection Ltd (Serbia)

North Protection Ltd are a Member of NORTH Group Golden Goose Pas Cher and are specialized in installation, commissioning and maintenance of Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS) – both independent and/or supported by SCADA/DCS.

The company are also engaged in development, design and production of special measuring and test devices, which serve mainly as additional tools for on-line and off-line CMS and other measurement devices.

The development of their products are the result of both broad technical expertise and years of field experience in measurement, testing and diagnostics in various areas of industry. Particularly those related to monitoring and protection systems, which makes them unique on the market.

They have a very strong occupation in South Eastern Europe with regional partners in Serbia, Hungary, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Slovenia.  They have also partnered with major players in the industry, with a strong presence in countries such as Argentina, USA and China.

Key services carried out by North Protection Ltd are:

  • Production of Special Measuring Devices
  • Monitoring/ Protective Systems Assembly
  • Commissioning and Repair
  • Special Measuring Instruments Production
  • Measurement/Test Devices Repair
  • Calibration Devices Production
  • Industrial Electronic Devices Production

Product Inventory:

  • Human Vibration Meter Calibrator
  • Accelerometer Simulator
  • Multi-Sensor Simulator
  • Multi-Sensor Calibrator…learn more by clicking
  • IEPE Sensor Checker
  • TEDS Interface and Editor
  • Proximity Probe Checker
  • Portable Dynamic Signal Analyzer
  • USB Portable Sound/Vibration Analyzer
  • SignalConditioner for Proximity Probes
  • SignalConditioner for IEPE Sensors
  • Multichannel Tuning Monitor for Proximity Probes
  • Rotation Speed Simulator…learn more by clicking