HGL Dynamics Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometers (SLDV)

HGL Dynamics Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometers (SLDV)

Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometers (SLDV)

The laser beam of the Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometers (SLDV) is deflected by two mirrors which are controlled by a computer. In this system, a number of measurement points are scanned on a point-to-points basis. The yellow Head Unit has a built-in CCD video camera, which delivers a photo realistic picture of the object under test.

On this picture, the measurement points can be arranged with CAD software. Following the initial setup of the points, the measurement is done automatically be the computer. The quality of the data is dependent on the choice of LDV, which is open to your choice of LDV. The system comprises: The ScanSet Head unit with a slide attached, a 4-channel Controller unit, a Single Point LDV (mounted on the track), and a Camera Tripod. A Notebook or Windows PC – with control and Analysis Software is also required.

The advantages of the SLDV system are that it can be used to carry out measurements:

  • Potentially an unlimited number of channels
  • With an unlimited number of data points in each record
  • An unlimited number of test setups
  • No vibration transducers required, to measure the vibration, which might have a ‘loading’ effect on the measurement data
  • To carry out ODS surveys
  • Animation – AVI export
  • In order to perform a Modal Analysis survey
  • To store data in data file formats including: UFF, ASCII and MatLab Export
  • Using 24-bit A-toD’s per channel
  • Having a maximum frequency resolution of 25600 lines (i.e., frequency lines)
  • With a 1 – 20 kHz frequency range – in 1,2,5,10 steps
  • Stream data to a PC via a Sub cable for: Mirror and CCD-Camera Steering, vibration data, and video streaming


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