HGL Dynamics Dragonfly Data Acquisition System

HGL Dynamics Dragonfly Data Acquisition System

HGL Dynamics Dragonfly Data Acquisition System

HGL Dynamics Dragonfly…For all your Data Acquisition System needs!

Overview of the HGL Dragonfly

The HGL Dragonfly is a high quality modular data acquisition system intended for applications ranging from ultra-portable small channel count mobile field based needs to large scale fixed installations of hundreds of synchronous channels.

Dragonfly is completely compatible with HGL’s existing range of data acquisition, real-time monitoring, analysis and archiving systems, and due to its network based architecture can be integrated into 3rd party or customer bespoke systems with ease.

Dragonfly is small enough to fit easily in a laptop bag, and lightweight enough (at < 1kg) for easy transport to remote sites. As such it makes an ideal measurement system with a standard laptop for personal / consultancy field work.

However, the standard Dragonfly is also able to be linked with other units to create large multi-purpose systems simply by sliding it together with one or more other modules, and connecting a few simple cables (power, sync, and Ethernet).

Features of the HGL Dragonfly

  • The Dragonfly features two, four or eight simultaneous sampled 24-bit sigma-delta Analogue to Digital converters, which provide excellent Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) figures of 120dB (24-bit mode, 95+dB in 16 bit mode), anti-aliasing performance of better than –110dB in a compact form factor.
  • The Dragonfly also incorporates several methods for time synchronization between modules. An LVDS synchronization bus is included as standard on all Dragonfly units. This allows for multiple modules to be linked together, expanding the recording capability of a single setup to synchronize 100s of channels of acquisition whilst retaining < 3nS offset between modules. This equates to phase offsets of < 0.1 degrees @ 20kHz.

  • Dragonfly units can be controlled by standard PCs or laptops for desktop or mobile use; they can also be controlled by the HGL DragonflyCPU module, which is a powerful PC in Dragonfly form factor, or autonomously with a built-in Atom based CPU.

HGL Dynamics Dragonfly Data Acquisition System

Download the HGL Dragonfly Technical Specification PDF