Portable and Online CM System

Measure & Test Devices

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Laser Vibrometry

Nearly all components of a conventional Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer are built into a single optical unit that is structurally complex and therefore expensive. The Vibrolaser ScanSet now overcomes these restrictions and delivers a very high level of performance in measuring

Data Management Systems

From Ultra-portable to rack mounted Data Acquisition Systems, through targeted simple-to-use monitoring and analysis software, to high-performance low cost of ownership data management systems; HGL Dynamics provides truly integrated solutions for your measurement needs.

Low Cost CM for Maintenance Engineers

The Adash A4900 Vibrio III instrument allows you to perform all basic vibro-diagnostics measurements such as bearing condition, lubrication assessment and identification of mechanical faults. Many measurement techniques are processed automatically.

Off-Line Products


e Data Logger

The A4400 – VA4 Pro is a unique instrument for machinery vibration diagnostics.

The latest version now contains a module for acoustic measurement. The A4400 – VA4 Pro has modules for analysing, data collecting and the recording of vibration signals. The instrument is enhanced by modules for dynamic balancing, measurement of run up and cost down, control and checking of lubrication and listening to vibration signals by the stethoscope feature. The instrument is equipped with an expert system developed by Adash, that automatically detects machinery defects.

The A4400 – VA4 Pro is designed for engineers and technicians dealing with machinery and structural as well and dynamic balancing of rotating machinery.

On-Line Systems

Sensonics Sentry G3 Monitoring and Protection System…For all your Continuous Monitoring needs!

On Line systems

The PT2060 is a state-of-the-art rack based continuous monitoring system that is ideal for virtually all critical machinery protection applications. It offers both superior configuration flexibility and maximum reliability.

Capable of supporting up to 48 channels per rack, the PT2060 provides the industry’s highest channel density in a standard 19″ rack. It uses standard “ladder logic” to make configuration easy. With full API 670 compliance and triple channel redundancy and double redundancy for relays, power supplies, analog outputs and communications, it provides a level of reliability that is unsurpassed, even by systems costing much more!