7 More Reasons Why You Need the Sentry G3 Sensor Condition Monitoring System for Your Power Plant – Part 2

The Sentry G3, high performance sensor system is used for a wide range of functions in the Power Plant Industry, these include; shaft position, high / low pressure cylinder expansion, turbine block expansion, shaft vibration and eccentricity speed.


The turbine block expansion can measure the expansion of the turbine block relative to the floor, specifically temperature from 55 to 65°C, pressure from 15 to 20 kg sq/cm, vibration from 18 to 20 um and also oil vapour detection. For shaft vibration and eccentricity, the sensor monitors speeds from 3 to 300rpm when the turbine was started, with a unit of measuring um (10-6 m).

Finally, there is a speed sensor covering the range of 0-4000 rpm (turbine rated speed of 3000rpm) with 2 alarms for over-speed of 10% and 16% in comparison with the rated speed.

With the above Parajumper Svart applications in mind, please find below 7 more key features of the Sentry G3 and how these can benefit your Power Plant and outperform any other sensor conditioning and monitoring system on the market:

  1. G3 Module Comms Independent  If the comms from one module becomes compromised it will not affect the rest of the system, thus reducing the risk of total system down time and loss of production.
  2. 3U High Rack  The 3U/24 channel max rack allows for smaller installations. This is more space efficient in crowded control cabinets (especially important if retrofitting to an existing system). Hence, it saves money as unused channels need not be purchased and more likely to be able to install the G3 in an existing cabinet.Competitor systems use 6U as standard.
  3. Live Colour Display  There is a local colour display with live data displays, alarm history, FFT and trend data etc. This enables the operator to view and interrogate data at the unit. This in turn, increases operator efficiency, especially if data storage/condition monitoring software is located away from machinery.
  4. UK Manufactured and Supported  Speedy response to orders/telephone technical enquires/on-site engineer requirements – increases potential system up time due to reduced response times (and therefore increased production), also typically less expensive than sending engineers Isabel Marant Shoes UK to the UK from around the world.
  5. Modbus RS485 and Ethernet ConnectionDual Redundant Power Supplies (per rack)  Industry standard connectivity to plant systems – usually configured and managed by customer ensuring reduced labour costs, delivery times and increasing up time as typically managed in-house.
  6. Dual Redundant Power Supplies (per rack)  Industry standard configuration ensures maximum system up time.
  7. Independent Alarms – High Integrity  There are alarm relay and analogue output facilities independent from other module facilities, thus suitable for IEC61508 applications e.g. SIL-3 over speed protection. This further adds to the flexibility of the system, one module/DSP card type can then be used for a variety of machinery monitoring purposes.The over speed is system typically supplied with 2 out of 3 voting modules too.

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